Industrial Automation

Multi-Serial Module | Series CX4

Compact connectivity at your fingertips

Compact connectivity at your fingertips

The serial node CX4 is compatible with the most commonly used protocols: Profibus-Dp, PROFINET, CANopen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP.

As well as different analogue and digital I/O modules, advanced modules can be connected via the serial module to acquire data from thermocouples, RTD temperature sensors or sensors in a bridge configuration. 

The mechanical and electrical connection system as well as the internal bus make the serial node extremely flexible. Users are free to add, move, remove and substitute different modules as well as replace its communication protocol. All this in restricted spaces.


Highly flexible connectivity

  • Compact size for restricted spaces
  • Reduced installation and maintenance times  
  • Flexibility in connecting modules
  • Modular design for maximum versatility