Industrial Automation, Transportation

End Lock Cylinder | Series 63

Strong locking for tough applications

Strong locking for tough applications

END LOCK pneumatic cylinders are fitted with automatic mechanical end stroke locks which guarantee the safe and secure holding of the cylinder rod in both the fully retracted and fully extended positions. The locks activate and release automatically, without the need for external signals or commands and cylinders Series 63 comply with ISO 15552.

The automatic mechanical lock, therefore, makes the END LOCK cylinders Series 63 highly suitable for use in sectors and for applications where it is essential to lock the cylinder’s position, both to avoid sliding during long stops and in situations with an absence of air, for example in transportation, printing & paper and the woodworking industry. 

In addition, their capability to withstand external forces, that are much higher than the force exerted by the piston, makes the END LOCK cylinder the ideal solution for applications such as lifters, positioners and presses where a greater degree of safety is required compared to the more traditional rod locks combined with blocking valves.


The END LOCK cylinder Series 63 is available in different variants that enable its use even for applications in harsh environments or adverse working conditions. 

These configurations are mostly used in applications that require robustness and reliability, such as the transportation sector, especially where trucks or special vehicles are characterized by strong vibration, frequent changes in temperature or humid and dusty working environments.

Its automatic mechanical lock makes the END LOCK cylinder highly suitable for industrial sectors like printing & paper or woodworking, where maximum safety is necessary because of the movement of material through lifting, stopping or pushing processes. The integrated lock allows the cylinder to be used even in dusty working environments or in confined spaces. 


Robust, Safe and Efficient

  • Reliable and safe even under harsh environments: Robust design for high reliability
  • Increased machine performance: Locking force greater than thrust force of cylinder (6bar)
  • Reduced maintenance and set-up times: Reliable automatic locking and unlocking functions
  • Reduced installation times: Locking/unlocking system easy to install and to use
  • Functional machine upgrade: ISO 15552 compliant. Standard cylinders can be replaced with END LOCK cylinders


  • Transportation | Mobile Automation: Doorstep systems, trailer tailgates, actuated aerodynamic flaps, passenger ramps, retractable handrail systems
  • Industrial Automation: Vertical axes, lifters, presses and tilting units