Industrial Automation

Electromechanical axes | Series 5E

Designed for any application

Designed for any application

Series 5E axes are mechanical linear actuators in which the rotary movement generated by a motor is converted into a linear movement using a toothed belt or a recirculating ball screw.

Series 5E, available in 3 sizes - 50, 65 and 80, is designed with a special self-supporting square profile with a recirculating ball guide integrated within the actuator, to provide exceptional stiffness and resistance to external loads.

The profile is covered by a stainless steel plate to protect the internal elements from environmental contaminants. The axis is equipped with a magnet that allows external proximity switches, enabling operations like homing or extra-stroke readings.

These two versions make the Series 5E suitable to meet the needs of different industries, including packaging, assembly and automotive.


Utilising a modular design, the Series 5E can be combined to create multi-axis solutions with different transmission technologies to guarantee maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Camozzi Automation is a trusted technology partner that supports customers from helping to select the best technical solutions, through to installation and commissioning of their chosen electromechanical system, whatever the application.


Multi-position system with movement transmission via a toothed belt:

  • Suitable for high dynamics
  • Suitable for high speeds



Engineered for accuracy. Built for reliability.

Multi-position system with transmission of the movement with a recirculating ball screw:

  • High load carrying capacity
  • High precision and repeatability
  • IP40
  • Large range of axis mounting accessories


  • Assembly & Robotics
  • Packaging
  • Food processing
  • Automotive



  • Pick & Place
  • Positioning
  • Machine Tending
  • Cutting
  • Pressing
  • Positioning